Specializing in Airtable Development and Cross-Platform Automation, we have worked with a variety of businesses in various industries. We work to not only develop tools that help businesses run at scale, but also consult on best practices for system and data structure.

Ready to streamline your business? With Consult + Build services, not only do I help you identify the places you can become more efficient in your business - but my team and I build out systems to create that efficiency.

Development is completed at an hourly rate, which is determined by retainer size. Minimum retainer is $1,000, and provides for 5 hours of development.

To inquire about availability and request a discovery call with Jen, please fill in our contact form.

Case Studies
Here is just a very small sample of what I can build!
Placement Agencies
I have worked with countless Placement Agencies to build complex automated tracking systems for their firms. This has been accomplished with a mix of Zapier, Airtable, and Jotform. I have also utilized Dubsado for some agencies.
Wedding & Event Industry
I have created complex automated client relationship management as well as staffing Airtable bases for wedding venues. I have also worked with other vendors to use either Airtable or Dubsado to track and gather information from wedding clients to ensure the perfect client experience.
Using a mix of Airtable, Zapier, Jotform, On2Air, and Google Data studio, I created a robust project bidding and tracking base for a high volume construction company. Using these tools meant they could process new leads at a higher volume, adjust bids in real time, and see the value of their pipeline through robust dashboards. They use Airtable as their centralized business management tool.
Using Airtable, I was able to create robust accrual calculators, track income with various payment processors and make month end a breeze for large corporations.
Financial Services
Using Airtable, I was able to help a client in the financial services industry track incoming clients, process income and payouts, and create more robust reporting within their Airtable base.
Personal Training
Using Airtable, my client was able to capture and track client-entered data, run reports and track progress. Using shared views, they were able to allow the client to see their personal data.
Certifications and Partnerships
Just a few of our certifications and partnerships:
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