We help domestic staffing, recruitment, and digital agencies automate to scale. Through a mix of systems, software, and a healthy dose of strategy, we help agency owners build a business that works at scale.

We use #nocode and #lowcode architecture to orchestrate elegant automation for growing agencies. We help small and medium sized teams (1 - 50 team members) spend less human capital on value tasks and more focus their energy on the high-value processes in their business.

Powerful software, made simple.
Years of experience in structuring the perfect mix of software culminates in Systems For Agencies - the perfect balance of automation and client (and applicant!) experience.
By focusing on the unique needs of recruiting, we stay up to date on all the tools and trends for agencies. If you are in the business of matching - we are in the business of helping you shine.
All the software in the world isn't going to help you if you don't have strong strategy and implementation. We harness the tools to ensure you spend more time on quality candidates and client experience than on weeding through applications.
Let's automate your business.
Systems for agencies
The Cornerstone of Our Business
Here's how it works:
The implementation process is broken up into two phases:

In this phase, the structure of your new agency ecosystem is in place. This includes creating interface forms for your agency. These forms generally include:

  • Client Intake Form
  • Applicant Intake Form
  • A Contact Form
  • Job Application Form
  • Reference Check Form
From there, these forms are connected to an Agency-Optimized Airtable base via Zapier. Workflow management and general team processes are put into place for the agency to manage applicant processing and client experience through manual communications.

In this phase, communication and client booking processes are automated. Emails and text messages can be automatically generated and sent via stage changes in Airtable, contracts and invoices sent automatically, and the automated booking of agency interviews via scheduling software, and so on. Any processes will be refined and specific agency needs can be addressed at this stage.

Phase 1 Is usually scheduled within two weeks of project commitment. Adjustments can be made based upon client timeline and availability. Phase 2 is usually scheduled four weeks after Phase 1 is started.

Both dates are determined upon project commitment.

The investment for a full implementation of one agency location setup starts at $3,000. This investment includes software templates + integration + 12 hours of customization for the agency. Additional customization or locations will be billed at an hourly basis of $165/hour. High volume agencies and those with temp placements will trend upwards from the base price.

This investment can be paid in full, or spread over the two phases, $2,000 for Phase 1 and $1,000 for Phase 2.
Systems ninja
Need Tinkering on An Existing System?
Here's how it works:
Hire our team to zhuzh. You tell us what needs to get done - and we do it. Rate is $165/hour for a minimum 5 hour retainer.

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