When I am working with business owners looking to add systems into their business, I get the same question over and over. No matter what business they are in, no matter how technically literate, there is a common question I get time and time again: “Why is it SO HARD to set up Dubsado?”

Even after working with the software for three years, I still can understand how it can be confusing. There are a couple of reasons why the software can be overwhelming, but it is actually not a flaw in Dubsado, but actually a testament to how powerful the software is.

  1. There is no limit to how you can set up workflows.
  2. You have a ton of control over the look and feel of your forms.
  3. The platform is really flexible in terms of setup and management.

The thing is, the flexible nature of Dubsado is awesome, but when there is “no right way” to set up Dubsado, this is why “this is how it should be set up for your business” is hard to define. This is because every business is different, and every business owner has a different way that they run their business.

So you run into a software that has infinite possibilities, and this is where it can seem like a big empty box with lots of options and no clear path. Flexible software can be both a gift and a headache. This is especially true for business owners who try to set up different software in the vain attempt to stop the bleeding of their time and somehow get their business more organized. They select software in hopes that they can somehow magically press a button a

nd clients book themselves and the software manages all the mundane tasks. They want this process to happen quickly, but without a true picture of what this “magic” will actually accomplish.

This is super common, mostly because as business owners, we tend to get to a certain point in our business just by sheer determination and hustle. We reach out for systems and processes when it becomes too much for us to handle on our own or with a small team. So we try to find something that will fix the overwhelm, but a lot of the answers just create more work.

This extra overwhelm comes because this attempt at creating systems come out of a place of reactiveness, not proactiveness. Whenever we react in business, we tend to be less focused, more just trying to fix what we assume is broken, not actually address the core needs of the business as it grows. It’s like treating the symptoms of a disease and not getting to the root underlying cause.

The reason why it is so hard to set up Dubsado (or any other software, for that matter) is that for the most part, business owners are trying to solve a perceived problem in their business. They aren’t using it as an opportunity to create processes and address the needs of their growing business.

If you find yourself staring at the dashboard or willing the forms to build themselves because you just don’t know what needs to be in them, you have skipped a crucial step in your Dubsado setup. You forgot to map out your processes and create a plan for your Dubsado.

You will probably find a thousand websites and tutorials on the mechanics of setting up Dubsado. Dubsado itself has a ton of resources on the HOW of setup. But a crucial piece that is missing from tutorials is the WHY. Why you need to set things up in a certain way. You also need to know WHAT features are important to YOUR business. I’m going to be really honest, you may not need all the fancy features it has to offer.

Before you even start to set up Dubsado, you need to have a plan for how you will USE Dubsado, how it fits in your organization and what features you will need to utilize to make the setup happen. Once you have that in place, it is easier to search for the HOW of setup. You will spend less time flirting with

the look of the forms and more how they function to truly save you time.

You see, once you have a plan in place, it actually becomes quite simple to get your Dubsado setup. I even have some great templates to help you shortcut setup, but they are absolutely useless if you don’t have a plan in place. If your business is a little different, or you want to dig a little deeper into your workflow, check out my FREE Systems Mapping Training.