Airtable Training
Expert Training On Business Processes and Automation
Leveraging the Power of Airtable
Organizations have adopted Airtable, but require additional training for teams and creators to build long-lasting solutions and either don't have the capacity to train on currently built solutions, OR need to train their power-users on nuances of Airtable.

Training Blocks:

  • 3 Hours - $900
  • 5 Hours - $1,400
  • 10 Hours - $2,650

Menu of Trainings:

3 Hour Trainings:

  • Business Process Mapping (Preparing to move workflows to Airtable)
  • Airtable Base Design (How to build out an Airtable Base with the Business Process Map as a Guide)
  • Airtable Automations (Leveraging Automations in your workflow)
  • Reviewing Current Bases (Taking over someone else's build or reviewing your current build)
  • Airtable Team Training (Best for groups of up to 5 users)
  • Design Your Own Training

5 Hour Trainings:

  • Airtable for Data Aggregation (Using Forms and Formulas to Manage Data)
  • Cross-Platform Automation (The basics of using Airtable with Zapier or Make)
  • Cross-Platform Automation (Beginning API calls with Scripts)
  • Airtable Team Training (Best for Groups of up to 15 users)
  • Design Your Own Training

10 Hour Trainings:

  • Airtable Team Training (up to 30 users)
  • Build an Automated Business Process in Airtable (requires team to work asynchronously on some of the build - this is training for DIY, not done for you)
  • Design Your Own Training

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Hi! I'm Jen! I have obtained my Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have eleven years of experience systemizing businesses, 10 years of experience in various industries before that (from Real Estate Investment Companies, Real Estate Development, Luxury Sales, Wholesale Distribution, Corporate Accounting, and Inventory Management), and I grew up in an engineering/build firm for bulk material handling. I have extensive experience translating the needs of users to software developers in the various organizations in which I worked, and have experience building in a low-code environment. I am a published author and public speaker - my talks center around building efficiency and automation in your business.

Jen Rudd, PMP
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