Adobe Case Study
Adobe Case Study

Company: (Acquired by Adobe)
Problem's content marketing team faced several challenges in managing their various verticals and teams effectively. They lacked a centralized platform to track all content production and outstanding tasks, resulting in lackluster information and inefficiencies. Additionally, managing external vendors and the content approval process posed difficulties, with the team relying on Google Docs for content tracking. Invoicing management was also a pain point for the team.

Recognizing the need to streamline operations, gain better visibility into team management, and improve vendor collaboration, saw an opportunity to leverage a SAAS solution. The goal was to create a centralized content management system that could automate processes and allow overall efficiency and productivity.

Working closely with's content marketing team, we implemented Airtable as the primary tool for content management and collaboration. Leveraging Airtable's customizable database features and robust integrations, we developed a tailored solution that addressed the company's specific needs. To address the challenge of managing external vendors, we created automated content briefs within Airtable. These automated briefs ensured seamless communication and collaboration by using scripts to update Airtable automatically when content was ready for approval. In addition, we established Agile marketing management standards, allowing the team to work more efficiently and effectively across different verticals. We implemented a button approval feature in Airtable to notify vendors of the status of their content, improving communication and streamlining the approval process. To further enhance collaboration and visibility, we integrated Airtable with Slack, enabling the team to update each other on content-related updates and changes easily. Calendar integrations were also implemented, ensuring better scheduling and task management for the content marketing team. To provide a comprehensive overview of content production, tasks, and deadlines, we created customized dashboards within Airtable. These dashboards improved visibility and allowed the team to make informed decisions and prioritize their work effectively.
The implementation of Airtable as a SAAS solution resulted in significant improvements for's content marketing team. They now had a centralized platform to track all content production and outstanding tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. The streamlined approval process and automated content briefs with external vendors saved time and improved communication. Integration with Slack and calendar tools enhanced collaboration and coordination within the team. The customized dashboards provided better visibility, enabling informed decision-making and improved prioritization of tasks. Overall, the SAAS solution successfully addressed's challenges, making Airtable the go-to platform for content management and collaboration within the company. The centralized system, automation features, and integrations streamlined operations, improved team management, and facilitated more effective vendor collaboration.

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