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How to Structure a Workflow with Flat Fees vs. Payment Plan
A detailed description of my workflow for both flat fees and payment plans
I wanted to provide a snapshot into my workflow for both flat fees and payment plans.

Within my payment schedules, I have a payment schedule set up for the amount of the initial payment + $35 convenience fee for setting up the payment plan.

This payment will go out two days after the contract is signed, and is due within the following four days. I have these emails addressed to the client first name, because I have a lead on my website, allowing the client to receive the proposal in their inbox, as opposed to access to a public forum. This allows me to capture the client's information early on and follow up with them.

On the back end of the settings, I have the nitty gritty, which is my contract, displaying the invoice that allows the client to choose multiple packages. This is important, as I already preselected the main package and they can add the conventional fee only if they would like a payment plan. Otherwise, they can pay in full and automatically get a link to my calendar.

Once the client makes the initial payment, they will receive a link to schedule the payment plan. From there, the client is able to schedule their initial strategy session.

The lead capture of my workflow sends the proposal, and changes the status to "proposal out".

As soon as the contract is signed, the client will receive a "thank you" email for completing the contract. This email will include the following steps for completing the payment plan, or creating a booking.

Again, if the invoice is paid in full, they will automatically receive an email with a link to my Calendly to schedule their strategy session.

Once the client books this session, I will send follow-up documentation.

There is another email, including the payment agreement which I do not want it to go out unless there's a payment plan. This includes a link to MoonClerk, which I use for payment plans. MoonClerk allows a trial period of 30 days, which allows me to get started before the automatic payments are taken out a month, then two months after the end of the trial. I do not have to worry about following up, as once the client sets up their payment plan, they will get an email with a link to my schedule.

From here I will follow up in Dubsado.

Again, I do not want to have a link to schedule a strategy session until they've either made their initial deposit and set up the payment plan or if they've just paid in full, it's a good check for me to make sure that I don't have to chase payments.

There are many different ways to tackle this. However, it's easier for me when I have the two emails loaded up stating either "you paid in full, great, let's get started!" or "a payment plan is selected, here are the next steps!"

Let me know if you have more questions!
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