I hear often that there are planners who want to use Dubsado because they have heard it has worked for others, but they aren’t quite sure HOW it works. Since I have worked with countless wedding and event planners to get their Dubsado in place, I wanted to break down the essential uses of Dubsado for Planners.

There are so many features in Dubsado that it can be a little overwhelming, but ultimately it just means that one has complete control over their client experience through the platform. While there are countless ways that you can set it up, here is the best method I have found for setting up Dubsado for planners.

First, you want to be able to manage leads. No more do people have to hunt through your website for an email – they can fill in a lead capture form that actually DOES something besides send you an email. Once someone fills in a lead capture on your website that is powered by Dubsado, you are capturing that information and setting up a file for the lead automatically. You can even reply back to the lead automatically – just to say “thanks, we have your inquiry, we will connect with you once we are in the office.” You can share a brochure or link to a sales page and video that lives in Dubsado. You can even send a scheduler to set up a discovery call if you have a firm. Now the lead can get that instant gratification of connection without you having to facilitate the scheduling.

Once they meet with you, you can send them a link to a proposal to make their selections, upsell services if needed, sign a contract and pay their retainer all in one fell swoop. Once they book your services, they can automatically be welcomed to working with you, sent initial questionnaires, schedule their first official meeting and have access to a portal with all of their information in one place.

If you want, you can share a board with your client in their portal to share inspiration and communicate what has been decided on for their event or wedding. When you gather information via questionnaires, it can be used to format information sheets internally for your team. You can send nurture emails at key points in the planning process – even just quick check-in emails – and even break down information so they get it when they need it. This allows you to manage more than one client at a time while still making them feel like they are your only client. You can save and manage all of their vendor contracts in their portal and use internal checklists to ensure you are giving each client consistent experience.

Once you prepare your timeline for your client, you can upload that to their portal as well. You can remind them of meetings they scheduled using your scheduler, and even send “I’ll be there tomorrow!” emails before key meetings. A few days before, you can download any important questionnaires or documents and even access all of it on the go from your phone or tablet. Once the event is over, you can send follow up emails automatically and even ask for reviews.

The process of planning an event for a client – especially a wedding! – can be time-intensive. With Dubsado – you can remove the admin time from your day and stop the paper-pushing! Going the DIY route and need a little more individual support? Check out the Dubsado for Wedding Planners Workflow! This is a step by step guide to planning out your workflow and getting it all set up in Dubsado!