I often get asked how I set up Dubsado for Placement Agencies. I have a wide range of experience in setting up systems for agencies and other business types, and I love sharing the practical application of software for businesses.

Dubsado works for a lot of different businesses, and Placement Agencies are no exception. There are some caveats to this – it is not the easiest application for large, multi-city agencies that process hundreds of applicants per job posting. If you are servicing 10-20 clients per month and average less than 50 applicants for each posting, Dubsado is a great tool. If you are processing more, you will probably need to move to the next stage of architecture. Depending on your business and number of locations, I am happy to walk you through other systems mixes. If this sounds like your agency, read on!

For many placement agencies, the general rule is that you have two different populations you are serving. The first type is the client. You are attracting and serving the client – the paying party in the equation. You need to be able to connect with them, capture their information, set up a sales consultation, have them complete a full application, and then invoice them for the initial application/start process fee. You then need to send them potential matches via the second population you are interacting with. The second type is the applicants. They are the ones who you will have apply for jobs, have them complete applications, complete the vetting process, and then supply their information to the clients to interview. Once the matching process is complete, you will need to have the clients pay the final placement fee and then follow up to ensure the match is successful.

This is, of course, an oversimplification of the process, as behind the scenes, there is so much work connecting with clients, refining your sales process, and also vetting candidates in a meaningful way. But the mechanics of “processing” both the clients and the applicants, that is actually a very simple process – if you do it automatically. Dubsado allows you to do this via workflows. By creating automatic sequences, you are able to cut down the amount of time processing both populations so you have more time to attract clients and applicants and focus on the art of matching.

By having a workflow that takes the clients through the initial inquiry process to booking a sales consultation, you shorten the amount of time to get them on the phone. Once you get them on the phone and determine that they are a good fit, you can have the workflow send a proposal, contract, and invoice and follow up with an application once the client has paid. Once the application has been completed, you can start advertising the job and also start looking through your currently vetted candidates. By using funnels, you can keep track of where your clients are in each stage of the matching process. You can send profiles via a portal and even send an invoice once the match has been completed.

For applicants, a lead capture can be the initial application, once they complete the application, you can send an autoreply thanking them and letting them know that they will hear from you if they are a good fit for a job. You can then have the workflow send an initial call or interview scheduler to start the vetting process. You can also send information about reference gathering and more. You can even have Dubsado create a profile for the candidate automatically so that you can send to clients.

Once both parties are matched, you can have a workflow to check in with both parties to ensure the match is successful. All of this can be done automatically with workflows advancing with just a few clicks of approval. Can you imagine how much time you would save by having the workflows keep you on task and focused and moving the matching processes forward? As you can see, you can use Dubsado for Placement Agencies and have great success at streamlining your business!

Going the DIY route and need a little more individual support? Consider working with me! The Systems Consult is the first step to a streamlined business! During our two-hour consult, we will evaluate your offerings, current workflow, and how to utilize Dubsado to automate your client experience!