I hear often that there are photographers who want to use Dubsado because they have heard it has worked for others, but they aren’t quite sure HOW it works. Since I have worked with countless photographers to get their Dubsado in place, I wanted to break down the essential uses of Dubsado for Photographers.

There are so many features in Dubsado that it can be a little overwhelming, but ultimately it just means that one has complete control over their client experience through the platform. While there are countless ways that you can set it up, here is the best method I have found for setting up Dubsado for photographers.

No matter what type of photographer – wedding, portrait, senior, sports, lifestyle, you name it – you will be able to manage leads more efficiently, book faster, and also manage through the shoot and in-person sales. The lead captures alone are powerful tools to save you tons of time. A lead can put in their information to request more information – including selecting the type of photography they are looking for if you offer multiple types – and they will be created as a project in Dubsado, are sorted into the correct funnel, and can even be sent information. They can receive a general “hey thanks for reaching out, we will be in touch!” to a “how we work” document, to a proposal where they can book themselves without even chatting with you. You can even send them a link to schedule a call or meeting with you that is based around your availability.

Once they have a chat/meeting with you, you also have the option to send a proposal then. The lead can see your packages and even upgrade and add on with a proposal that works like a mini sales page. Once they make their selections, the contract can be updated with the scope of their packages and the lead can sign off. They can then be taken to an invoice and pay their deposit or balance in full. Once they pay their invoice, the system can move them to a job. You can assign dates automatically to your calendar if they are a wedding, or you can send a scheduler to schedule their shoot.

As their shoot approaches, you can send general information to prepare for the shoot or even send questionnaires to gather the information you would need for the wedding.  Want to meet with them in person to gather information? You can still fill out that questionnaire on your tablet so you have your shot list and everyone’s names all in one place. You can also send emails before the big day/shoot to remind them of last-minute information, how to contact you, and how to be prepared.

After the shoot, you can follow up with a thank you email with delivery timelines and also a reminder to schedule their in-person sales appointment. During their IPS session, they can fill in a proposal to make selections for what products they want to order from you and also get an invoice to pay. You will have an automatic email thanking them for their order and remind them of timelines. After everything is delivered, you can even send a request for review survey with links to all of your social media outlets for review.

Don’t do IPS? You can send a link to their gallery through their portal with a link to a proposal to order special prints not offered by your gallery.

And the beauty of all of this? This can be automated for the most part – you just get involved to be sure you want to work with the client, show up to meet, show up to shoot, edit, and show up for in-person sales. Now you have more time to take on more clients, control your schedule better, and also have the space to be sure you are working with the clients you WANT to work with. As you can see, there is magic in using Dubsado for photographers.

Going the DIY route and need a little more individual support? Consider working with me! The Systems Consult is the first step to a streamlined business! During our two-hour consult, we will evaluate your offerings, current workflow, and how to utilize Dubsado to automate your client experience!