People ask me what I do all the time and I can start to see when their eyes will glaze over.
Systems, processes, boring boring, right?
The thing is, most of my clients seek me out, not knowing what I am called, but just trying to figure out how to control the sheer chaos that happens as you start to scale your business.
A lot of time, I get inquiries for people who have heard of a software that is supposed to magically fix their problems. The software they found proposes that with just a few clicks, clients can book and everyone goes on their merry way.
The thing is, software is kind of dumb. It does EXACTLY what you tell it to do. So if you don’t know what to tell the software to do, you are soon looking at an empty box, sometimes lots of money, and lost days, weeks, months trying desperately to press the right buttons to make that magic happen.
The thing is, the magic of any software is HOW you set it up, not the features and benefits it provides. Because all those features and benefits, bells and whistles make ABSOLUTELY no difference if they aren’t utilized properly.
If you need some magic thing to happen to get away from the overwhelm you are feeling in your thriving, money making, but still overwhelming business, then you need to talk to a SYSTEMS SPECIALIST.
They help you do the hard work, make the decisions, and get that software running like magic. In LESS TIME than you can do fiddling around with it between sales calls and having a real life. And without hiring extra staff to push paper. In fact, I recommend getting your systems and processes in place before you start hiring admin. You may find you have more budget for more specialized help once you have your processes in place.
I mean, come on. Less employee costs, increased productivity, and the ability to go on vacation without your inbox blowing up! These are only some of the benefits of working with a Systems Specialist.
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