I LOVE Asana for team management. It is also an amazing tool to keep me focused when I am in “work mode.” So often, I hear business owners + entrepreneurs tell me that they just “don’t know what to do” each day. They have a general idea of what needs to happen, but they have no intention when they sit down to work each day.

They usually open their inbox and then start dealing with fires. Then all of a sudden, work time is over, they are in a state of panic and they can’t quite figure out why nothing seemed to have gotten done in the several hours they were sitting at their computer.

By setting intention AS SOON as you get a new client or start a new project, you start to have clarity and control over your days. If you know there are 30 steps to get a client from YES! to complete, then you can sit down and assign yourself due dates and action items based on those 30 steps. Do that each time and your days start to build up with your action items before you even sit down to work. This means you don’t have to THINK about what to do, you just kind of do it.

It’s like how they say CEO’s don’t spend a lot of time on their wardrobe. They remove choices from their day by removing the time it takes to plan out outfits. They are already picked for them. By telling yourself what needs to happen BEFORE you even get to your workday, you remove the extra energy needed to plan your day. You also have less room for daydreaming, getting lost, or reacting IMMEDIATELY to everything in your inbox. It does take some careful planning, helping your clients understand boundaries and expectations, and just overall being on top of your ISH.

BUT, I will tell you, taking control of your days is the FIRST STEP to building an effortless business.

Since I LOVE Asana and think it is integral to keeping on task and focused, I created a little tutorial video for you. In this video, I show you how to keep track of leads through a client workflow board, how to send emails to projects, and how to use forms to generate tasks in Asana. A little bit of team management, a little Zapier, a LOT of info for you to take your business game to the next level!

Need help keeping on top of all the things YOU need to do to keep your business moving forward? Consider adding a daily business management project to your Asana workspace!


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