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You're Going to Have to Get Dirty

Creating a business that is more streamlined and has the ability to be delegated - either to software or people - takes work.

I am actually surprised when I talk to potential clients or just other business owners who truly believe they can just hire out business decisions in their business. Look, you can empower people to make decisions on your behalf - let's be honest, Jeff Bezos doesn't make EVERY decision at Amazon. But he does have strict guidelines and framework in place that his delegated decision makers have to follow.

And he spent a lot of time making those guidelines and framework. That's how he can work those four hour work days. He worked an obscene amount of hours to get to that point. It wasn't like he rolled out of bed one day and decided to own the world and hired some people to "make it so."


If you want to delegate parts of your business out - you still need to know how it works. If you want to hire a copywriter for your business, you need to have your topics and talking points for them - or you are going to spend a lot of time with them crafting the framework for them to follow. You can't just hire a copywriter and never think about that part of your business again.

Same with websites, branding, general task assistance, marketing, sales, you name it.

Oh, and system creation.

Hiring help means that you have the framework to execute the decisions you make. By hiring help, you are getting help with the execution, not the decisions.

If everyone could run your business without you adding your insight, framework, guidelines, and general genius, then you aren't a business owner - you are an investor. Which is fine, but then you need to hire someone behind the wheel, too.

So as you start to think about how you want to streamline your business - whether scale your current business or conduct your business in less hours - think about how you are setting people up for success in your business. Not how you can just drop things in their lap.

Successful, scaling businesses are ones led by owners who did the hard work, planned out the big ideas, made decisions, and gave their team all the tools they needed to succeed.

If you are ready to put in the work to delegate effectively, let's talk. The Growth Accelerator is made to help you build your Amazon on your own terms. By making the decisions needed to make it happen.

You’re Going to Have to Get Dirty | Grow With Jen
You’re Going to Have to Get Dirty | Grow With Jen
You’re Going to Have to Get Dirty | Grow With Jen
You’re Going to Have to Get Dirty | Grow With Jen
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