Why Lowcode Architecture?
Why we use #lowcode architecture

When making decisions on building infrastructure and systems in your business, there are a LOT of choices. You can opt for "all in one" or monolithic solutions, hybrid solutions, or some form of carefully orchestrated interconnected software components. All of these come with costs - not just software costs, but development costs depending on complexity, type of software, and your own ability to overcome the tech learning curve.

Many all-in-one solutions lack key features - high value CRM tools often miss the mark on booking and payment components, high value marketing tools often lack a robust database required for CRM, and even carefully orchestrated architecture can be very delicate. Making small changes in interconnected software can require development time to reconnect software.

When using lowcode (or even nocode) apps and software packages, you are using graphical user interfaces (drag and drop capabilities) to edit your software. While they take some time to get set up with a systems integrator, once the connections are setup and orchestrated, you are often able to maintain much of the day to day adjustments on your own.

Why is this important? The thing is, business is rarely static, especially as you scale. What works today is fabulous, but what if you add another service offering or client type? What if you decide to change questions on your intake forms or launch a new marketing funnel?

What if you just need to change a period on an output document?

The greatest speedbump in automation is the inevitable prospect of change. Scaling businesses know this entirely too well. You are often adjusting your business in real time - building your plane as you fly. For small businesses, waiting on a developer can be excruciating, even for simple fixes and adjustments. The fine tuning that happens when you watch your business in action - something you have more time to do with automation in place.

With lowcode software, you are able to make those small adjustments in real time - without a comp sci degree. It's the reason we build in SaaS, and why we use the software that we do. It's about allowing our clients to control their environments once they are set up.

Not every person has the bandwidth or the want to maintain their architecture, and we are always here to help once the architecture is in place, but our ultimate goal is that a client feels confident to make changes and adjustments on their own - because they are empowered with our training and guidance, but also because we use tools that give them that option to begin with.

If your current solutions aren't flexible enough to grow with your business, or you are truly unclear on how to make even the slightest of changes, let's talk!

Why Lowcode Architecture? | Grow With Jen
Why Lowcode Architecture? | Grow With Jen
Why Lowcode Architecture? | Grow With Jen
Why Lowcode Architecture? | Grow With Jen
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