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What is a Systems Consult?
One of the first steps to working with me is a Systems Consult. Let's break down what that looks like!

If you are considering streamlining your business, knowing exactly what you are working with is the first key step to not only understanding your needs but getting a plan to move forward. This is why Systems Consults are the next step to working with me and my team to get your systems and software in place.

The reason for this is that it definitely takes longer than a twenty minute discovery call to determine your true needs for your business, but also because I need you to get some information before we sit down to review your current business structure. There are many things that I would look at that may not be apparent at first glance. In fact, I have a "fourteen-point" checklist of all the things I review during a Systems Consult.

Here are just a few of the thirteen points that I review during our Systems Consult:

- Your Current Lead Management Flow
- Your Current Client Booking Process
- Your Current Communication Channels
- Your Current Bottlenecks in Your Business

The Systems Consult will be conducted over two sessions. Once we have had our actual meetings, the work doesn't stop there. I will then research questions that have arisen during our meeting(s) and then put together a list of decisions you need to make before we can start working on your implementation.

The process of the Systems Consult will look like this:

Scheduling Your Consult: Use the Calendly booking widget below, and you will book your first session and pay for the consult, and then you will receive a link to schedule your second session immediately. Sessions are available during business hours Eastern Standard Time.

What You Need to Prepare: Working with me means that you need to be an active participant in your process. While my team and I do the "heavy lifting" when it comes to structuring and implementation, you do need to be actively involved in the process. You will need to gather any current standard operating procedures you have, any notes on how you deliver your offerings, your current software mix, and any current issues you have already identified to our meeting. I will send you a personalized Systems Consult document within one business day of your booking your consult, and I would need it completed before our meeting. This ensures that we aren't missing any areas of your business or process when we map out your new business landscape. For this reason, I suggest booking your Systems Consult at least a week out so you have time to prepare.

During the Consult: The consult will be with me, and will be recorded. A transcript of our meeting with recording will be sent after your consult(s). During the consult, I will review my fourteen point inspection of your business, dig deeper, ask questions, and provide solutions to things that you can implement immediately - with or without me. I will ask questions like "are you tied to continuing in this manner or are you open to other possibilities?" And it's ok if you don't have the answer right away, as this whole process is starting the decision making that will take your business on the right path.

After the Consult: If all of the decisions needed were made during the consult, GREAT! That means I can follow up with a draft of the systems map and an estimate of what initial phases of your implementation may look like. This will be provided within 2 business days of your consult. I have to do research most of the time, as every client is different, and that gives me time to completely reflect on what will be the best for your business.

If the decisions haven't been made, I will provide you with a list of decisions that need to be made. You can make them on your own and get back to me, or in rare occasions where the consults aren't enough, we can schedule another hour to meet and discuss. My focus is not to just get to building out, but to ensure that most of the decisions are made before we get started. This streamlines the implementation process, gets your process started faster, and helps us keep a tighter focus on using my time most efficiently. Basically, it is more cost effective and faster to get your decisions made first before implementation starts!

If you decide after the consult that you have enough information to go forth on your own and do great things - that is AMAZING. I love when that happens because I know 90% of what I do is providing clarity. If you are going to want your team to implement what we came up with, I can provide an implementation roadmap for your team to execute, we can discuss pricing of this in our consult. If you want my team and me to execute, then I will provide you with my retainer agreement. From there, if you want to move forward, then you will complete the booking process and we will get started.

The purpose of the Systems Consult is to help you get clarity, get focus, and put your business on the path to streamlined excellence.
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