Are your systems

actually working for you?

it’s time to tame them once and for all

This is the 6 Week Bootcamp that will revolutionize the way you run your business.



Audit Your Processes

Sit down and really evaluate your business and how you are running it. Stop with the “shiny app syndrome.”

Map It Out

Draw out how your business runs and know exactly where each client is at any stage of working with you. Have an at a glance understanding of what you are doing at all times.

Adjust Your Processes

Maybe what made sense when you started out doesn’t make sense anymore. Or maybe things should just be automated.

Because they can be. That’s why. 

Make Thoughtful Changes

Implement changes in your business based upon careful consideration and planning. No more throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing if it sticks.

Track Your Improvements

Once your changes are in place, have metrics in place to document your improvements and ensure your changes make sense for your end goals.

Refine and Fine Tune

Once you have everything in place and have data to determine if your new systems are working, then you can make those final fine tune adjustments. 

Business Owners Helped

Years in Business

Products Sold

Cups of Coffee

Get the support you need to get your systems

running flawlessly

With guidance tailored to you and your individual business.

“Working with Jen was a fantastic experience. Her knowledge of business processes and project management was one of the first things that sold me on her. I’m so glad I chose her Systems Bootcamp service because now my systems are helping me scale faster than I ever imagined.”

What is the 6 Week Intensive Bootcamp?

Each week is dedicated to helping you create a business you love that is EASY to run! These are six hour sessions over the course of six weeks to give you guided support on how to set up your systems in your business for success. 

Week 1:  This session is where we discuss YOUR business and goals for the Bootcamp. We create a plan for you to follow through the next five weeks in the bootcamp. This will be the perfect time to discuss your pain points, understand your needs for your business, and to be sure we aren’t missing any key components as we launch into bootcamp. 

Week 2: This week we discuss system mapping and how to draw out your current processes and make adjustments based on where you want to be. This is when we plan out your new system architecture. Your architecture is the roadmap for how your business will run. 

Week 3: This week we discuss what systems and software you need in order to make your system architecture work. You may have the right systems in place already and just need adjustments, or you may find that there is a better system or software for you to use. This week is when we evaluate the features and benefits of software programs and find that perfect mix for your business. 

Week 4: Once you have the right mix of systems, its time to put them in action. We work through some of the key processes in real time so you can make the adjustments in your systems you need to make them all work together flawlessly.  This is the time to make sure the architecture you drew out will work in execution. (This is my favorite part!)

Week 5: Go Live! This is the week when the new systems you created are pushed live. We ensure all the small pieces are in place and ready to roll out, and ensure you have the right reporting processes in place to ensure that you can track your efficiency. This week you make notes on what is working and isn’t so we can review in the final week and make adjustments!

Week 6: This is the time when we make adjustment after you put your new systems into practice.  It’s all “fit and finish” at that point. Once your systems are updated and in place, you can now feel confident that you have the right mix to get things done while serving your clients and also generating leads, managing your tasks and finances, and getting a better handle on your inbox. 


What is Included in the Bootcamp?

The Systems Bootcamp is comprised of 6 weekly one hour sessions with Jen. You will discuss your specific process in the first week, and then after each session, you will receive instructions on what you should be doing to improve your systems. This includes training, review of needs and software options, and consulting on business strategies to achieve your goals.

These weekly sessions are a mix of tech support, consulting, and strategy for your business. You will leave the 6 week Systems Bootcamp with a revitalized business ecosystem as well as the tools you need to adjust your systems mix as your business needs change. This is perfect for the tech-savvy business owner who needs more guidance and support as they scale their business operations. 

If you are looking for done for you services, please visit our START HERE page for the consultation track that allows you to get a proposal for implementation services completed by the team at Grow With Jen. 


How Much Does it Cost? 

Price is $997

for the 6 Week

Systems Bootcamp 

Payment Plans are Available


What Systems Are We Working On?

The eight key areas of your business that we address are:

  1. Inbox Management
  2. Lead Management
  3. Client Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Team Management
  6. Marketing Managment
  7. Financial Management
  8. Time Management

All of these are essential areas you need control over as a business owner. Even if you don’t have a team, you still need to have a plan for how to manage collaboration, and everyone needs to have financial tools in place as business owners. 

Each area is first evaluated, then if you are right on track, fabulous! If not, we add it to the list of systems we need to improve. At the end of the day, all the systems need to work in harmony to make your business run! 


Ready to get started?

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