Ready to get your Dubsado up and running once and for all? Tired of trying to piece together videos, trial and error, and asking questions without being entirely sure you are asking the right ones?

Learn how to set up your Dubsado step by step – from understanding all of the various screens to laying the foundation for your perfect setup. This is a video course breaking down exactly how Dubsado works, best practices for creating a structure for success, and tips and tricks to take your Dubsado setup to the next level. All taught by Jen!

Here’s a breakdown of the Modules:

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • What Dubsado Is
    • What Dubsado Isn’t
    • Making Dubsado a part of your overall systems architecture
  • Part 2: The Interface
    • Dashboard
    • Client Job Dashboard
    • Leads
    • Jobs
    • Bookkeeping
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Address Book
    • Time Tracker
    • Templates
  • Part 3: Laying the Foundation
    • Brand Settings
    • Creating A Workflow
    • Building Your Chart of Accounts
    • Tax Items
    • Building Packages
    • Custom Mapped Fields
    • Payment Schedules
  • Part 4: Building Out
    • Building Forms
    • Building Workflows
  • Part 5: Client Experience
    • What Does the Client See?
    • Building On
  • Completion

That is 3 hours, 45 minutes of content!

The price for the course is $197. 

Bonuses included in the purchase of the course:

  • Access to templates Jen uses in her own client setup
  • 30% off First Month or Year of Dubsado (this is for new subscribers only!)
  • 20% off Any Other DIY Products in the store


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