The planning stage of our services is the consulting phase. Here, we break down the specifics of your business, create a plan of action for how your business will run, how to market your business, or how to take your business to the next level. Each business is different, but every business will benefit from creating a structured plan for growth and stability. In addition to the “nuts and bolts” business – plans, marketing strategies, etc – we also work on having “what it takes” to grow your business. This includes having the proper mindset, creating accountability, and having discipline in your day to day work.



Business Plan Package – This package is focused on your completion of a complete a business plan. During the 6 week program we will have weekly sessions via phone or Skype where we discuss the various aspects of your business, create a formal plan, and ensure the plan is cohesive and encompasses their business. Each week, you will need to spend at least one hour (sometimes two) working out the plan, completing various tasks, and committing to the process of completing a comprehensive business plan in 6 weeks.

Marketing Plan Package –This package is focused on creating a marketing plan (including target demographic surveys) for your business during a 6 week program. This will include identifying advertising strategies, social media strategies, marketing topics, promotions, and a practical marketing plan for your business. These will take into account the cycle of their business through the year, creating messages for their marketing efforts, and templates for each marketing type (i.e. sales emails, social media posts, paid advertising, etc.). This will not include actual posts or graphics, but will give you tools to market throughout an entire year and provide a structure for growth.

Business Consulting Package – This package is dedicated to evaluating your current business structure, framework, systems, marketing and business plans, and streamline your business practices. This is a 12 week program devoted to identifying opportunities for growth, inconsistencies in business, and opportunities to make better decisions for your business. You will walk away with a complete list of changes to make for your business, strategies to implement, and a plan to build a structure for growth for your business.

Dubsado Consulting – If you are just getting started with Dubsado or are looking to refine your processes, we offer 1 hour one-on-one consulting consulting sessions to help you work through your current stumbling blocks with the program. If you are interested in learning more about Dubsado Consulting, or would like to find out about our complete Client Experience Management setup, please visit our Dubsado services page.

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