I have a pet peeve.

Well, actually a few.

Ok, actually a list a mile long.

But this one absolutely drives me crazy in business.

I might be old fashioned (I graduated college in 2003 and started a career in Corporate America around that time. Yes, I am *technically* a millennial) but this practice bugs the bejeezus out of me. I want us all as professionals to stop this. Now.


Stop – I mean STOP – conducting business through Facebook Messenger. Now.

If you are asking people to spend real money with you, then you need to act like an actual business owner. Period.

Whenever I see someone ask a question and the first response is “PM’ing you!” it drives me absolutely freaking batty. There are SO MANY reasons why this is wrong.

Let me break down a few for ya, right now. Here are 3 big reasons for YOU to cut. it. out.

1) It is UNPROFESSIONAL. You get business from Facebook. For FREE. I get it. It is easy to forget that you are actually in knees deep in the sales process when you are interacting on Facebook with potential clients. It’s conversational. It’s fun. But honey child, it is still business. I can hit up my friends all day long on messenger (if I actually had time) but someone I would like to BUY from me? How do I transcend the “buddy” thing if I am randomly messaging them a (sometimes unwarranted) sales pitch. It’s all kinds of ick.

2) No Follow Through. How are you supposed to connect with them if you DON’T HAVE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS? You are sending them info in a blast in messenger (probably copied and pasted from your notes somewhere) but if they decide not to move forward, or forget, or your pitch gets lost in the shuffle of their day to day (ask me who messaged me in the last 24 hours and I will guarantee I will forget – and if you are in the dreaded “other” folder, I check that about 1x per week). Why, oh, why, would you just throw something against the wall, spend all that energy, and then not have a way to follow up besides messaging them again? I can systemize the hell out of an email box, but Facebook Messaging is still the wild west of lost and forgotten sales pitches.

3) Lost Sales Opportunity. Yes, you don’t want to be that sleazy person in the group pitching in the actual group. You get slapped for that by most group owners. But hey, sleazy in the FB Messenger, no problemo. If the other people in the group don’t know what you do (they only see that cryptic “PM’ing You” all those other people don’t know what you do). Maybe share a little about how you can help them, how you helped others, or guide them to resources that might help them, then say, hey let’s connect if you find you need more assistance. Boom. No sales pitch, and you helped a bunch of other people know how awesome you are. Bonus points if they message you and you say, hey, what’s your email, I can send you more info or we can set up a time to chat.

What does it do for others? It creates a conversation and community. Which is the entire point of Facebook. When you start seeing social media in that light, you raise your vibes. You stop pushing sales, you start to pull sales to you.

I often get asked why I share so much info in groups and online. I do it for a few reasons, but mostly because I want to raise the level of service for business owners and change expectations of consumers. We as business owners need to operate at a basic level of professionalism. Just because we use this “casual” social media as a vehicle to drive sales and to raise visibility, we also need to still act like business owners at the end of the day. We need to provide value to our clients, and we also need to interact with them in a way that inspires confidence in our abilities to perform.

If we start acting like we know what we are doing, we will start to attract the clients that value expertise. If you don’t know what you are doing – yet – or don’t know how to make it all into a business, then let’s connect. I am building a new resource for business owners to better perform in business – systemize, organize, and create structure for growth. But also a little business theory will be thrown in. Like, well, how not to act on Facebook or what the sales process really looks like.

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