I have an announcement and I wanted to share it with you!  I’m offering a new service and it’s going to kind of be AMAZING.

I know you are all like:

The thing that makes me passionate about what I do is that while I know systems are SO SO SO important, you still need to have intimate knowledge of how your business runs so that you aren’t hung out to dry whenever a piece of your system goes down. Alternatively, when the software you depend on changes its tune (hello Etsy!).

So before I get into the big announcement, I want to share a conversation I had last week. I had a great friend ask me the other day what business systems are and what I do. First, I was SO impressed she had the confidence to be like “what the heck do you do, Jen? I seriously don’t understand.” Here is what I told her:

“So I help people do things like track inquiries on their websites, follow up with the leads, get people to say yes, pay them, and then manage the performance of service, and so on. S (our mutual friend) gets people wanting to book her so that she can send them to a page on their website, they fill in their info and then get a proposal to schedule their session, sign their contract and releases and then pay their deposit. Then they get reminders to show up, thank you after the session then an email when their photos are edited. This all happens independently.

I also do more complicated sequences or help people better manage their finances by tracking income and expenses. All the things you need to do automatically as you get more clients, I help set them up, as well as help you be more productive during work time, and so on.”

In essence, I help people get paid more efficiently and serve their clients better. The HOW depends on the client, what services they offer, and what their time vs. budget looks like.

See, time vs. budget is such a meaningful conversation each business owner (meaning YOU!) needs to have with the mirror. To build a growing business, you need to decide what you have – time or money. Because businesses don’t just become million-dollar ventures overnight, and you can’t just show up with your smile and expect the droves of clients knocking down your door.

I have spent a lot of the last seven years (my seven year anniversary is July 11th!) working with clients who have a budget and little time. They are the ones who have the budget but not the time to reach their audience and manage them. I have had some fantastic successes with these clients – I have helped people open and even SELL their businesses! I have helped people add new service lines – especially consulting, one of my specialties! – into their companies. I have had a fantastic time helping people fall in love with their companies.

In the last year, I have also started to address the needs of those that have time but not the budget to build their business. This is why I created the DIY line for my business. I also created intensives on some of my favorite topics – Dubsado, Asana, and MailChimp. I also added consultations for those that needed a teensy bit more help with Dubsado but were able to spend the time to perfect their setup.

In the last few months, I started offering the Systems Consult – this was a 2 hour deep dive into creating a framework for businesses, understanding how to connect the dots, and even tech support for business owners who needed help but had the time to put into doing their setup. I can’t tell you how fantastic the response has been to this. However, I have also noticed a trend. Some business owners are like “This was an awesome experience and so helpful. I can take on the world!” after two sessions. Others are like – “Hey, Jen, I just want your team to do it for me,” which we can DO. However, then there was that third group of people – the ones who were like “TWO HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH!” and we ended up adding on more consulting hours.

I feel like adding on this service line helped me identify a core group of people that I have not been able to support until now. These are the ones who have a balance of time and budget. Ones who also want to understand their systems. They know the power of knowing first hand how their systems work – where to find data, how to fix things when they break, and so on. They are the ones who are ready to take on the challenge of building their business but needing guidance.

See, so much of the instruction, programs, courses, freebies and so on are focused on generalities. They have to be, right? Because it is SO HARD to address every niche. I mean I have the hardest time keeping up with ALL the Workflow Flowchart requests because there are so many types of businesses out there. That, and I have to help my clients first 🙂 And so much more than that, every company is different. Even if you provide the same service as someone else, you still have your unique spin.

So this is where my announcement comes in. I have added a new service line for those business owners who have the balance of time and budget – the System Bootcamp.

The System Bootcamp is a 6 Week Consulting Program where we dig into the core of your business and create a streamlined business that is EASY to manage and adjust as you grow. Here is a peek at what the six weeks look like:

Each week is created in such a way to focus on helping you build a business you love that is EASY to run! These are six-hour sessions over the course of six weeks to give you guided support on how to set up your systems in your business for success.

Week 1:  This session is where we discuss YOUR business and goals for the Bootcamp. We create a plan for you to follow through the next five weeks in the boot camp. This will be the perfect time to discuss your pain points, understand your needs for your business, and to be sure we aren’t missing any critical components as we launch into boot camp.

Week 2: This week we discuss system mapping and how to draw out your current processes and make adjustments based on where you want to be. This is when we plan out your new system architecture. Your architecture is the roadmap for how your business will run.

Week 3: This week we discuss what systems and software you need to make your system architecture work. You may have the right systems in place already and adjustments, or you may find that there is a better system or software for you to use. This week is when we evaluate the features and benefits of software programs and find that perfect mix for your business.

Week 4: Once you have the right mix of systems, its time to put them in action. We work through some of the critical processes in real time so you can make the adjustments in your operations you need to make them all work together flawlessly.  This is the time to make sure the architecture you drew out will work in execution. (This is my favorite part!)

Week 5: Go Live! This is the week when the new systems you created are pushed live. We ensure all the small pieces are in place and ready to roll out and ensure you have the right reporting processes in place to ensure that you can track your efficiency. This week you make
notes on what is working and isn’t so we can review in the final week and make adjustments!

Week 6: This is the time when we make the adjustments after you put your new systems into practice.  It’s all “fit and finish” at that point. Once your systems are updated and in place, you can now feel confident that you have the right mix to get things done while serving your clients and also generating leads, managing your tasks and finances, and getting a better handle on your inbox.
As you can see, while it is detailed in what happens each week, the ACTUAL changes depend entirely on your business, your current needs, and your goals for working with me.

Pretty nifty, right?

So I am sharing this with you because if you are in that balanced resources boat, I think the Systems Bootcamp is perfect for you!

If you wanted to learn more about it, check out my Systems Bootcamp Page. If you need the fast facts, here you go:

Investment: $997 (payment plans available)
Timeframe: 6 Weeks Start to Finish
Commitment: 1 Hour Per Week 1:1, and then your homework – which depends on your business, goals, etc. I would plan 2-3 hours per week
End Result: A business you love with systems and software you understand.

Ready to get started? Schedule your FREE discovery call to discuss your goals for the Systems Bootcamp and see if you are a good fit. The discovery call is MANDATORY for acceptance into the program; I want to be sure you are up for the challenge and ready to make inspired change to your business. This is not a program for slackers. 🙂

CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Discovery Call. If you are ready to get started, you could have a completely revolutionized business before summer is over!