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Making Time For Your Business

I talk with a lot of business owners who tell me time and time again that they really need to work on making their business ready to scale. In the same breath, they tell me that they are DROWNING in their inbox and can't get ahead long enough to actually do something about their big dreams.

The thing is, they were really good about getting their business to this point right here, but they are not able to get over the hump of the next stage.

The thing is, they just aren't making time for it.

And when you are staring down 10+ hour days, nights, and weekends as it is, I totally get that.

But here's the thing. The only way you are going to get away from working 24/7 is to take some time EACH AND EVERY WEEK to work ON your business.

Yes, even during busy seasons, but definitely not during vacations you set aside for yourself. Because vacation is time away from work, period.

It is of utmost importance to work ON your business for a few reasons:

  • Your current overwhelm is probably because your boundaries are becoming more relaxed, so you need to revisit your standards of running your business and managing expectations.
  • Your business will not survive if you don't pay attention to it. Just because you are filled to the brim with clients right now, if you aren't marketing, that pipeline will eventually dry out.
  • Your business will stay in this exact state until you put some major infrastructure in to take it to the next level.
  • You are probably doing a lot of stuff someone else can do, but you aren't able to properly delegate because you haven't actually made it easy for yourself or anyone else to do
While all of these reasons may not apply to you, I would venture to guess that at least a few ring true, if you think about it. And a lot of this could be solved by spending a little time each week on things like:

  • Creating email templates and guides to help answer FAQ's AND reinforce your boundaries.
  • Marketing to keep that pipeline filled.
  • Creating some infrastructure and automation to make it easier to deliver your outstanding outcomes.
  • Documenting things someone else can do FOR you. Without just dropping that dumpster fire in their lap and running.

So this is your sign to start carving out time on your calendar today, right now to work on your business each and every day you are working.

And probably add in a few vacation days, let's be real.

If you need someone staring you down to feel comfortable staking that claim for your business, let's chat. The Growth Accelerator is designed to help you not only see the forest for the trees - but to also create a situation where you are now putting your best and most important client on your schedule - your business.

Making Time For Your Business | Grow With Jen
Making Time For Your Business | Grow With Jen
Making Time For Your Business | Grow With Jen
Making Time For Your Business | Grow With Jen
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