How the Agency Business Model Helps You Grow | Grow With JenIf you are running an agency of any sort – caregiver placement, talent management, service offerings and more, you need to have good systems and software in place. As an agency owner, it is important to not only be able to manage your team and various deliverables, but it is also important to manage your clients and support professionals. It is a delicate balance that requires keeping up your client service while also qualifying and marketing to potential service providers.

The agency model is a powerful one – it allows you to get out of the “hub and spoke” model of business organization – you are no longer the center of your business – making all the decisions and delegating – but you are also responsible to put good systems in processes in place so that you can trust your team to handle the day to day decisions as you would. It allows you to essentially replicate yourself while still keeping up the quality of your business without having to do it all yourself. This helps you create the hierarchal model that allows you to run your business at a higher level.

Hub and Spoke vs Hierarchal  | Grow With Jen

This is why it is SO important to be able to systemize your business no matter what growth stage you are in. If you can’t explain in clear terms to others what they need to do every day and in most situations, you will have to micromanage every situation in your business. And if you are micromanaging, why not just do it yourself? The first stage in growing your business is understanding that in order to grow, you need to be able to release the reigns a little and allow others to do what you used to do. If it doesn’t require your direct touch, you can delegate. But you can’t just drop the task into the ocean and expect it to get done. The true key to delegation is standard operating procedures. The how-to of the business world.

Included in standard operating procedures is having the right mix of software and processes that make up each task. There are few enterprise solutions that meet every need in your business. To some extent, if there were, would you really be running a unique business? There is always that something extra you do for your clients that makes you stand out from the pack. This means that you probably have more than one software program in your business toolkit. It is important to find that delicate orchestration of software systems that will allow you to run an efficient business that can be deployed by your team.

The standard operating procedures and the mix of software are what becomes your Firm Management System. This firm management system helps you to create that “box” that your team can work out of, allows you to unpack a new box to open new locations or service offerings, and even allows the possibility for the franchise model for your business. Imagine the opportunities for growth once you create that perfect box for your business!

If not being the hub of your business anymore sounds like a pipe dream, let’s chat. No matter what your long-term goals are – being able to relax, cut back your work days, or create more space for your life around your business – your business will benefit from systemization, organization, and frankly a bit of a kick in the pants.

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