The Growth Accelerator

Business is BOOMING. Which is crazy, considering the world we are living in. But it is real, it's happening, and while you are eternally grateful for your good fortune - you are also tired.

You see, you saw the writing on the wall, you started to try to get some automation software in place, you probably have a VA or two floating around, but for some reason, you can't get ahead of your business long enough to get some people (or software) working FOR you.

Which is probably why you are working more hours than necessary - I see you working over holiday weekends, full of energy but with your family and friends recklessly eyeballing you on your phone or at your computer. Or you are up late into the night trying to dazzle your clients or write one more marketing email. I know you are using Boomerang a little too much at this point, and coffee is your friend.

You work on your business 24/7, and you are so reaping the rewards of all your time spent (finally!) but you would love it if it was just a little less 24/7 while still seeing those numbers that make you do a little happy dance every time you look at the payment notifications on your phone.

The "cha-ching!" sound is such a rush - right? But then it is usually followed by the sinking feeling that you now have to service that sale, and you really were looking forward to a relaxing weekend - for once.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - no matter how many people you hire, no matter how many hours you spend fiddling with that fancy software everyone RAVES about - you just aren't going to get ahead. There is a fundamental reason why, too.

The Problem:
You have no systems in your business.
Oh, yes. You have a checklist for when someone books or buys from you, you might even have some standard operating procedures you started (but probably not really good ones, let's be totally honest), but you cannot figure out how to automate all that you hold dear in your business. Or at least make it so you don't have to TELL people what to do each time.

Because honestly, it's all living in your head, and it takes longer to tell someone what to do half the time than just sit down and do it yourself.

Working with hundreds of businesses over the years, it's become apparent that the biggest hurdle to overcome business growth is creating systems and processes that make it easier to outsource, delegate, or automate the key functions of the business. Without removing yourself as the bottleneck in your business - you will always be stifled by how many hours you plan to work each week.

I want to help you leverage YOU in your business - by creating an environment for growth. No matter whether you want to hire a team of 10 to personally service your clients or install the fanciest software that runs on autopilot - the first step to getting these in place is to make the thousands of different decisions that help you mold your business into the money making machine it can be.

Before you hire another team member or even look at another software app, let's sit down and really structure your business for success. The Growth Accelerator is a 4 week program that helps you translate your needs into a system plan that you can implement - either with software or a team, or a mixture of both. You won't know what that plan looks like till you sit down and map all of your requirements out.

The Solution:
Hi! I'm Jen! I am finishing out my Masters of Business Administration with my focus in Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have nine years of experience systemizing businesses, 10 years of experience in various industries before that (from Real Estate Investment Companies, Real Estate Development, Luxury Sales, Wholesale Distribution, Corporate Accounting, and Inventory Management), and I grew up in an engineering/build firm for bulk material handling. I have extensive experience translating the needs of users to software developers in the various organizations in which I worked, and have experience building in a low-code environment. I am a published author and public speaker - my talks center around building systems in your business.

Jen Rudd, PMP
What that basically means is I have a lot of experience in a lot of things. And I realize that the things that hinder growth the most in businesses are simple - that systems either aren't in place or the wrong systems are in place. I love to delve deep and see what the real, underlying roadblocks are - and remove them from the business.

If you are ready to stop burning the midnight oil - while still bringing in bank - let's do this. I want that euphoria from your next sale to carry all the way through servicing and closing out that sale.
The Outcomes
When you join the Growth Accelerator, you get:
  • Business Clarity
    Whether you need to re-structure your offerings or just create more standardized delivery of your offerings, we will break it down for ya.
  • 1:1 Consulting With Me
    Each Growth Accelerator package includes (2) 1-Hour Consults with me to evaluate your current systems and offer tailored feedback on how to streamline your business.
  • Personalized Blueprint
    Get a custom tailored Business Blueprint for your individual business. This is prepared by me and gives you a path to systemize and streamline your business.
  • Optional - Implementation
    If you need your systems built out after our time together, you can retain my services separately for implementation. No implementation is included in the Growth Accelerator.
Kind Words
The Investment:
4 Weeks of 1:1 Meetings With Me
The Business Blueprint Roadmap
Actionable Structuring for Your Systems

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The Growth Accelerator | Grow With Jen
The Growth Accelerator | Grow With Jen
The Growth Accelerator | Grow With Jen
The Growth Accelerator | Grow With Jen
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