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Free/Busy on Google Calendar
Use Google Calendar to easily display your availability

Using the Dubdado- Google Calendar connection, you can display your times of availability without displaying the private event details within your calendar.

You will first want to ensure that your Dubado calendar is feeding into your Google calendar account. Some clients set up throw away email addresses dedicated to events (ex: Therefore, this email calendar will include any personal information or events, but solely the availability of the venue.

After establishing the Dubsado calendar connection, you will want to select the "make available to public" box, under the settings for the designated event calendar. To the right of this option, select "see only free/ busy (hide details)".

When sharing this calendar, you will want to ensure you are not using the shareable link under "Access permissions" as this will allow public access to the specific calendar events and details.

Instead, scroll to the "public URL of this calendar" under "Integrate calendar", and open this within an Incognito or private browser, to view availability from the perspective of the public.

Events that I will create within this calendar include: out of office events, and individual appointments, however, the public URL will only display busy/ available, and not the specific event title and details.

Color customizations are available within the calendar, to match your branding themes.

This available/ busty feature within Google calendar is a great option to embed into presentations and proposals. You are able to display your current availability without getting shown the personal details of your calendar.

Let me know if you have any questions, and how this works for you!
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