Putting new systems into place in your business can be hard. There are so many things to consider when trying to set everything up. And any new software has a learning curve. 

Even ones as fabulous as Dubsado.

Because let’s be real. There are two ways that setting up Dubsado can go:

1) You can watch all the videos, view all the tutorials, spend hours on Facebook in groups getting all your questions answered by those in your same business or those that set it up for you.Even if you are good at all the system setup stuff, it can still become a rabbit hole that takes months to dig out of. It is mesmerizing – all that you can do with a program – but at the same time, it can become an obsession. And you still have to actually be IN your business, not just working ON it. Because while getting your business ecosystem in order is important, serving your clients is EVEN MORE important. Getting into the setup process can be exciting, but it can pull you away from your zone of genius. I have seen it happen to the best of them.

2) You can hire someone to do it for you. I LOVE this idea. And it works for a lot of businesses. If you are crazy busy and have the budget for it, I highly recommend hiring a consultant that can take you through your process and help you create an ecosystem of programs and procedures that will make all your dreams of business growth come true. (Ahem) But depending on where you are at on your business journey, having systems and programs in place can get a little pricey. Those monthly fees rack up. Then add on hiring a professional to get it all whipped into shape, that can sometimes throw your business budget out of whack. So then you go back to step 1, and then you also put yourself at a disadvantage, because you are spending time on systems and not on income generation.

So there is the tradeoff – do you want to spend time or money?

How about conserving a little of both?

The hardest part of setting up software programs for your business is having a clear plan of action. While all the tutorials in the world can kind of get you where you need to be, wouldn’t it be great to have step by step guidance on how to set it all up, in what order, and with real time answers to your questions as they arise?

Even better, wouldn’t you like guidance on how to make forms look pretty, best practices for organizing your information and guidance on how to guide your clients through the process of working with you through the software?

And best of all – you can have this all done in a finite amount of time.


I know. It would be amazing right?

And the cost? Even better – the cost is only $150.

Yep. $150.

I know, you are all like:

Image result for tell me more tell me more

Here are the details:

This all happens in 8 hours. 4 Week Nights (2 Hours, Evenings EST) or Weekdays (2 Hours, Mornings EST)

Not only will you really learn how Dubsado works, but you will get it up and running for your business. In two weeks. 

  • Get homework ahead of time (what emails you need, contracts, package information etc)
  • Full tutorial on Functionality of Dubsado
  • Learn the most efficient ways to get Dubsado set up and make changes
  • Tips and tricks for making the system work for your unique business
  • Making beautiful forms that do the heavy lifting
  • Best practices for working with leads and clients
  • Other programs that help you cultivate that perfect experience for your clients
  • Working group via Zoom
  • Each class will be recorded and distributed to the class participants.
  • Sensitive information does not need to be shared with the class, we have breakout rooms as well.

Maximum 8 attendees per intensive. 

To be notified of the next event or to register, please fill out the form below. If you would like to have a private intensive for your group or a specific business industry intensive, please email viptraining@growwithjen.com

Current Available Dates:

  • March 5th, 7th, 13th and 16th: 9:45 to 11:45 AM EST