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Dubsado Setup - Organized!
Let's get Dubsado up and running quickly!

The biggest question I hear from those trying to set up Dubsado is "What Do I Do First?" Setting up Dubsado doesn't have to be difficult if you do things in order. Really! Being really methodical about how you set up your program is going to help you in the long run – to get more mileage out of the system, to have a better-organized workflow, and to allow Dubsado to help you with your sales and client management processes. If you set up the different aspects of your system in order, it makes set up a breeze. Are you ready to get your Dubsado setup organized?

Here is my tried and true method for setting up Dubsado – in what order you should create the different systems.

I am not talking about workflow functionality, but rather how you want clients to work through your system from when they are an initial lead all the way through onboarding and the actual management of your client until the project or job is complete. Do you want them to get a brochure or investment guide automatically? Do you want them to fill out a questionnaire? What input do you need from a client to create a proposal, or do you want them to get your proposal, contract and invoice as soon as they fill out your lead capture? Think about your different service lines and how each lead/client would move through the system. Draw this out on paper, use a flowchart, anything that will help you think through what automation and organization you want from Dubsado.

Now that you are sure how you want a client to move through your system, it is time to create the brochures, contracts, and proposals that will be sent to your clients and leads throughout the process of working with them. This is an important reason to map out your client's movement first before you create all your forms. Think about all the different combinations of contracts with various changes, add in all your questionnaires and be sure that you have boilerplate proposals ready. Your workflow should tell you if you need to set up packages – some businesses don't – but they would fall under this phase as well. Payment schedules are also important at this stage.

Whether you use automated workflows to communicate with your clients or not – it is super helpful to have all of your basic emails written out – the ones that you send with your proposals, brochures, and any project management emails you send during the course of working with your client. If you have to send an email more than once, you should make it a canned email – because the whole point of Dubsado is to make your life as easy as possible. If you are implementing any type of workflows – think about all the emails associated with them and get them in your canned email locker. Don't forget to edit templates like payment reminders for your payment schedules, as well as invoice, contract, form and portal (found under "templates" in the canned email section).

Now that you have all the ingredients – you can create "recipes" that are set in motion with triggers in Dubsado. If you thought through all of the different aspects of what you want your client to see in what order, it should be smooth sailing to get your workflows set up in Dubsado. If you are finding that what you "thought" would happen doesn't really work with the system, take some time with your workflow from step one and see where you can adjust to make better sense in the system, or find workarounds until the functionality in Dubsado catches up (because they release new features constantly!).

Most people want to dive in and create these first – notice how they are the LAST thing you do? This is because if you setup your system in order, you can apply your workflows TO the lead captures, load them on your website and you are ready to rock and roll! Taking the time to do everything else first means that you can not only make changes easier to your system, but you aren't constantly going back and forth between screens trying to get your workflows set up while making your lead captures work.

I hope this helps you start to unlock the keys to getting your Dubsado setup organized and help you get on track. If you are finding that you are getting stuck in one or two areas, check out my Dubsado DIY Tools!

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