Dubsado Services

Grow With Jen provides consulting, implementation and management services for growing businesses. If you have an established businesses or are growing a new business, you can benefit from having a business manager in your corner. By being a strategic partner to facilitate growth, we help you build a business and prepare their business to be able to hire on in-house staff by creating systems, procedures and structure for growth.

We offer three types of Dubsado Services:


Package 1: One Hour Dubsado Consulting Session:

While you are now a part of the Dubsado family, or are getting ready to make the leap – you are realizing that you need a little more guidance to make the system work for you needs. If you need:

  • Workflow strategies tailored to your business
  • Ways to make the system work for your specific needs
  • Guidance as to what you should set up in which order
  • Workarounds and companion software/systems you should consider to maximize your client’s experience
  • Or anything else you need in regards to Dubsado!

This is a 1 on 1 session where for one hour we work through what steps you should take to maximize your Dubsado system. If you should choose to have Grow With Jen implement the process discussed during your call, your session fee will be applied to the Client Experience Management Setup Package.

We will work through your system on Skype or Zoom via screen sharing. You will also receive a video recording of your session.This session is 1 hour.

Price: $150 


Package 2: Dubsado Architecture:

If you have all of the components (canned emails, lead captures, proposals, packages, contracts, etc.) for your Dubsado all ready to go, but need help with the overall architecture of Dubsado – workflows, automation, what components go where – this package is for you!

What is included:

  • 2 – 45 minute one on one sessions. One to discuss your expectations for Dubsado, one to smooth through the process
  • Business strategy consulting for how to manage leads and jobs
  • A full workflow flow layout
  • A list of components that need to be in place to execute the workflows for your business

This package does not include any maintenance or entering of forms, templates or otherwise into Dubsado. If you need complete setup, please see our Client Experience Management Setup Package.

Price: $675 (implementation, copy writing and data input not included in this package)


Package 3: Client Experience Management Setup:

Have you found that Dubsado has everything you needed, but are struggling to set it up? Are you finding that you don’t have a structured sales or project management workflow that you want to implement in Dubsado? We will help you set up Dubsado, and create a seamless experience for clients from the lead phase all the way through onboarding and management of projects or sales cycle. Not only will your clients have a great experience in what you have to offer, but you will have a fully functioning system that will help you take on more clients, delegate projects to assistants or partners, and spend less time managing your workflow. This package includes training on how to use your system as well as adjusting your system on your own/in house as your needs change. You will have a complete Client Experience Management System at the end of this process.

Pricing Starts at $1152 (dependent on number of brands, complexity of setup and other factors)


To get more information on any of our Dubsado Services, or to get started on your path to organization using Dubsado, please fill out your information below: