Dubsado Services

How we can help you ultimately depends on your needs. Pick the best one that describes your situation:

Level One: SOS On A Budget

If you just need help understanding how it all works – how you can build forms, how workflows get setup, tips and tricks for getting up and running, and have a little time to devote to structuring your Dubsado system, then Level One is a Dubsado VIP Intensive. These are held over 4 days or evenings and are for a maximum of 8 participants. We go through the whole layout of Dubsado, how all the different parts of the dashboard works, help you understand how to put a plan together to set up Dubsado and guide you through the process. The Dubsado VIP Intensive is a group session where you will get to ask questions in a group environment. Before the first meeting, you will get your homework to complete and be prepared to get your Dubsado set up once and for all. Bring a few friends and have a specific business type addressed, or make new ones as you work together to get Dubsado setup. Jen leads the group, and there is a maximum of 2 intensives per month. Pricing is $150 

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You can also find our current VIP Intensive Class schedule here.

Level Two: I Just Have A Few Questions

Level two is for those who have it all figured out – almost. If you have everything in but are just missing some nuances, have like five questions or need an hour to pick Jen’s brain, this is the place for you! One hour sessions are completely private and confidential. Pricing is $150/hour

Level Three:  Just Do It For Me

Level three is our most popular solution. If you just want it set up the way that makes the most sense for your business, need a better understanding of how to “package” your business for a CRM, or are at a point when your business needs a full re-organization, this one is for you. The Client Experience Management Setup is the turnkey set up of Dubsado and also includes our specialty – business consulting – as a bonus. We aren’t just throwing things into the system and pressing buttons; we are orchestrating an experience for your clients. And even helping you manage their projects or higher level needs for your business while we do it. And when we say we, we mean Jen and internal project managers (not hired guns) who work closely together to create a seamless setup experience for you and the perfect results for your clients. Pricing starts at $1275. Installment Plans Available

Our area of expertise is in service and manufacturing businesses. Here is a partial list of industries we serve:

Wedding Planning / Stationery / Events / Consulting/Coaching / Branding / Public Relations / Travel/Excursions / Rental Companies /

Graphic Design / Web Design /  Marketing / Production and Promotional Services / Photography / Event Space /

Financial Services / Real Estate / Interior Design / Education / Non Profit /

Caregiving Services (Doula, Newborn, Sleep Consultants and Nanny) / Placement Services/Agencies

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