Once you have created a plan for your business, the next step is to implement this plan. Whether you need more technical assistance or a strong, implementable plan, our implementation packages are perfect for taking the next step in growing your business. We focus on creating strong systems that will help you take your marketing messages and generate leads, form relationships with your leads and convert your leads to clients. Once conversion happens, we can help you create a structure to manage and support your client relationships. Our implementation packages help you create the business of your dreams.


Marketing Plan Implementation – This package is to help create a marketing action plan for the next 12 months. This will be the implementation of your marketing plan identified in the planning phase.  You will have various social media outlets setup and designed for maximum impact, will have 3 basic templates for social media sharing on up to 4 accounts, and will have a marketing calendar planned out for each month. This will include topics for social media, blogging, and other outlets, a weekly strategy for posting, and a strategy for monthly social media posts (which will lend itself to the Marketing Management Package offered in the Management portion of our services).

Client Experience Management Setup – Found a shiny new CRM program that you are itching to use but don’t have the time to set up? Realizing that you need project management or task organization once you have found a client? Client Experience Management may be needed. We will help you set up programs like Honeybook or Dubsado, and create a system with companion programs such as Asana, Wrike, or Trello to create a seamless experience for clients from the lead phase all the way through onboarding and management of projects or sales cycle. Not only will your clients have a great experience in what you have to offer, but you will have a fully functioning system that will help you take on more clients, delegate projects to assistants or partners, and spend less time managing your workflow. This package includes training on how to use your system as well as adjusting your system on your own/in house as your needs change. You will have a complete Client Experience Management System at the end of this process. For more information related directly to Dubsado Setup – please visit our Dubsado Services page.

Financial Management Setup – Financial Management will include setup of Quickbooks Online program including chart of accounts, integration of CRM programs that accept payments, booking procedures and basic bookkeeping training for you.

If you are handing off your books to a bookkeeper or Grow With Jen for financial management, training will not be included.

Funnel Setup – Sales funnels created based upon marketing plan (emails, ads, cycle of sales emails and so forth) start at  This includes basic copywriting and triggers and complete setup of sales funnel for 1 major program/sales item for you (can include intro purchases). Copy to be completely approved prior to actual implementation of sales funnel.

Website Development – As a part of the marketing plan identified in the planning stage, the website is an integral part of marketing, funnels, client relationship management and social media. By creating a website that facilitates the various aspects of your business to support growth, we offer WordPress website creation. The website is focused on blogging, client business information, client relationship management and as landing pages for your funnels. This service focuses mainly on the function of the website, creating a pleasing experience for the website visitors, and enticing leads.

Graphic design elements such as logos, brand colors, and copy to be provided by you. Graphic design, copywriting, and eCommerce integration services provided by Grow With Jen will be priced at $85/hour and will be charged in addition to base website pricing.

Complete Business Launch – This package includes Marketing Plan Setup, Client Experience Management Setup, Financial Management Setup, Funnel Setup, and Website Development. This package includes bookkeeping training and a basic website setup.

Other Services – These will be discussed with client and pricing set up based on needs.

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