As a featured contributor to Creative Women’s Co., I am so excited to share ways to improve your business through systems.

My most recent post was all about how you manage your workflow – not through any automated systems, but rather how you can improve your day to day work schedule. So here I am sharing an excerpt from Busy or Productive?How to Evaluate Your Workflow:

As business owners, we all have a set amount of time that we can work on or in our business every day, week, month. No matter how many hours you want to allocate to working, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things. What is worse is that you can work twelve hours per day, seven days per week and never get ahead of your work. More than that, if those hours aren’t productive, then you are not maximizing your income. It is a terrible cycle to be in as a business owner – always being busy and having so much to do. There is still a laundry list a mile long, and sometimes you never can get out of the cycle of putting out fires and chasing deadlines. It can be exhausting.

But, there is a way to get out of this cycle – you can evaluate what you are doing and figure out whether you are productive or if you are just “busy.” To do this, you can review your workflow and see if everything you are doing propels your business forward – or if you are just churning in the day-to-day. Here I have outlined how to evaluate your workflow.

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