About Us

Grow With Jen started out as a dream for Jen Rudd, PMP. She had always wanted to help businesses become more structured and organized. Having grown up in a multi-generational family business, she always enjoyed getting to the heart of a business and finding new ways for it to increase profit margins, attract more clients, and increase their sales revenue.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Whittier College in California, she gained experience in banking, wholesale, warehousing, catalog-based companies, management, luxury sales, business management, construction, cost accounting and corporate accounting. Having worked in a wide range of businesses from small family owned to large, multi location law firms, and everything in between, she has gained experience in a wide range of roles. 

She also obtained certification as a Project Management Professional in order to gain more knowledge on how to better manage projects and launches, as well as in various web design, business structure and management, and social media training. Her multi-layered approach to business management and consulting allows her to not only work with and help a wide range of business types, but also to help business owners think past run of the mill techniques and strategies. An accomplished author, she has even hit #1 on Amazon Kindle.

Whether you are making a pivot in your business, survived the first year of business, or are ready to take your established business to empire-status, Grow With Jen will help you achieve your goals, re-awaken your passion for your business, and help you blow your current goals out of the water.

With a business manager in your corner, you will not only be able to run your business while focusing on the parts that you truly love, you will also have the structure and support to not only meet your goals, but set goals you never thought possible.


We are currently growing our team. If you are interested in joining our management team, please send your resume to hello@jenrudd.com.