Mom-Owned Business Consultant

Is being home for every moment with your kids while still running a successful business a priority?Jen Rudd

Does your craft room intersect with the playroom – and you wouldn’t want it any other way?

Are you making money but aren’t exactly sure how? Or even how much you make?

Do you have a solid idea for what you want to do, but life keeps creeping into your “business” time?


If any of these are true, you might be ready for the next step.

If ideas are your strong point, but execution is definitely not – you need help.

If you are ready to honor your individual need to be a successful business owner while still honoring your family – you need a consultant that will help you make this happen.

If you have a burning desire to balance mommyhood and business, but aren’t sure how to do both – you need a supportive hand that will help you cut through the self doubt and the chaos. You need a consultant that will take you to the next level – cut through the fluff and get down to business.


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